Enviaments, històries, successos


Interactive installation, photography, text
Series of
  photograph  i  texts about two  llistons  with a contracted whip
Llistons : 1.50mc / u. Photographs: 13x9cm each

Enviaments, histories,  events consist of a  investigated within the Lima Postal Service (SERPOST), for the  recovered i  forwarding of correspondence no  Deliveries and what is troben emmagatzemades dins l'arxiu. Enviaments, històries, sucessos is an extension on purpose (of the project previ Correspondències (2017-2019), in which it seeks to delve into the social and political context of trobades correspondence from a visual and textual imagination.  

Added to this is a set of letters of which the forwarding address in the present is impossible due to the non-existence of the address that posseeixen.  

Mitjançant a pedagogical, processual and participatory proposition is seeking  work a  Link between each correspondence and the context that will prevent the second delivery and that determines the second sentit.

The investigation developed in the political canvises to Peru between the years 1940 and 1970, a period characterized by two important migratory fluxes (1940/1950) from the camp to the city of Lima. I also, later, for the initiation of the governor of General Juan Velasco Alvarado (1968), who would carry a set of nationalist initiators amb fortes reformes in the cultural and political sphere, brands mainly due to reconnection and the recovery of cultural attacks. prehispanic. All two esdeveniments, mark an important production in the imaginary of the country in those times: images of the press or publicity of the state, but it would also leave a trace in the letters and correspondence during those times; with a projection of personal subjectivity, between design of progress and analysis of the environment from a cultural perspective.  

Along the wall, it is troben dues línies parallles d'arxius; On the top line there is a photographic record of the façans of the cases corresponding to the recovered letters that may arrive, but  that  jo les vaig deixar. I pictures in blanc, as a way to represent the adreçes for unlocatable and inexistents on no vaig to be able to leave them corresponding.  

When reversing (and following in those that carry images and those that do not) it will reveal the content of the letter as an indication of the context in which it will be written.  

At the liston d'abaix, it is also troben correspondence on the seves adreçes does not exist, but unlike those who have the white dalt covers, they from abaix to the cover have an image corresponding to advertising material (diaris, magazines), of the time of when it will be sent; Photographs that keep a little note, and intuitively related to the text that darrere carries.