Serie of 16 photographs in black and white 
Gelatin silver print on photography paper
Image: 20x22cm. Display: variable dimensions
París,Barcelona, Lima 

January 28th of 1939, the thinker, philosopher and  Spanish essayist, Maria Zambrano (1904-1991) crossed the French border with her mother, her sister and the husband of this by first time, during Spanish Civil War. After a brief stay in Paris, Zambrano is headed to Mexico, where she remained a long time, after staying a few weeks  New York, La Habana and Puerto Rico.

After several years, Zambrano returned to Paris where her mother died, and decided to stay close to her sister in her apartment in the Rue de l' Université, París. Zambrano's exile, is physically, cartographically and photographically followed from the beginning of the street where she lived in Paris, registering corners of the street from the beginning until the end of it. 

Then, I repeated the same "route" since the beginning of the street and the country where I used to live up to its end, and on the street where I currently live, until the end of this. Each journey undertaken in the three cities, is also represented by the exact distances expressed in coordenates, from Lima to Paris, Barcelona to Paris and Barcelona to Lima. 

Barcelona serie

Lima serie

Paris serie

Iron door

Silver gelatin print on photo paper

Image: 20x22cm. 

Rue de l'Université, París.