Photography, text, object

Series of 14  Photographs, 7 texts and a recipient with white flowers

Gelatin silver printed  on photographic paper
Photographs: 21x29cm Text:

Correspondències, tea with the starting point a letter to Carmencita Franco (name of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco) during the years of the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939), from a nena de la seva mateixa edat, demanant-li who please do not afusellés el seu stop at Camp de la Bota. How was wait-se, the letter  May will arrive and the baby's parent will be afusellat.
The letters that may arrive at your destinies, the correspondence and the process of missatgeria, the mail and the postcards, are the main concepts that make up the project Correspondències skeleton.
He proposes a series of letters and postcards of different years that will not be valid for his destinies and that he will look for during 2018 to the offices of the city of Lima. I what després
vaig luring one per one to the appearing on the back of the paper; on also (at the time of leaving the letter to the address) vaig write the meva personal information (adreça, complete name and postal code) if the person who sent the letter will respond to me.
In this way, the project is materialized through the documentation of each letter of deliveries that vaig fer of each letter in the seves addresses. There are fourteen photographs (two per address) on which you will see a portal and the postal letter to Terra, at the bottom of the portal that you belong to.
Finalment, Correspondències , proposa, as part of the final installation, the incorporation of a ram of white flowers from a recipient, who would be posed at the coast of La Peça on the first day of the exhibition, fins que les flors it's marceixin. Subsequently, they will be replaced with an altre new ram of flowers and successively ends on the last day of the exhibition.
Correspondències , it recovers one of the oldest communication systems in history, the postal mail and the missatgeria through letters, it is a gesture of resistance to loss, to the need to measure the time and "veure" as that passa (les flors) through nosaltres, and to the mateix temps confronts the linearity of temps and rescues there that is believed lost.