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Series of 16 b / w photographs 
Gelatin silver print on photographic paper
Image: 20x22cm. Support: variable dimensions
Paris, Barcelona, Lima

On January 28, 1939, the Spanish thinker, philosopher and essayist, María Zambrano (1904-1991) crossed the French border in the company of her mother, her sister and her husband for the first time, in the middle of the Spanish Civil War.

After a brief stay in Paris, Zambrano heads to Mexico, where he stayed for a while, in addition to having spent long stays in New York, Havana and Puerto Rico. After several years, Zambrano returns to Paris where his mother dies and where he decides to stay with his sister in an apartment on Rue de l'Université.

The Zambranian exile is physically followed through a journey from the beginning of the street where she lived in Paris, to its end. That same journey was made from the beginning of the street and the country where I used to live until its end, and on the street where I currently live, until the end of it. Each route made in the three cities is also represented by the exact distances expressed in kilometers, from Lima to Paris, from Barcelona to Paris and from Barcelona to Lima. 

Iron door

Gelatin silver print on photographic paper

Image: 20x22m. Support: Black wood on black mat 32x28.5cm

Rue de l'Université, Paris.

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