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It is necessary to flee out from the content as if it was a plague
Text and drawings
Language: Spanish, calatan
Book: 21x30cm  Drawings: Variable measures


This is the first stone that composed and started the project Free Texts (2020), a platform that brings together a series of texts free of copyright for their interpretation or "misè-en-scène". In this way, It is necessary to flee from the content as if it were a plague works as an object of instruction composed of 18 pages, three chapters and five characters alongside 33 sets in a dark space.

A journey through the various states that make up the composition and architecture of memory, read through the actions and movements of the five characters on stage guided by a circle of light.

For more information, details, shipments (you can also request a text at the bottom of this page) and to view or download the drawings made by the readers visit:   



To read and download  the full text go and visit:

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Essays and scripts for the common life_E
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