The hygiene of the memory

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Projecció in video loop from 1:27 in 16: 9 


Church of Sant Martí de Solamal 

Vall de Bianya, Catalunya.

Tenint with the church of Sant Martí de Solamal in the Vall de Bianya, and with the starting point of the project Bianya / Viaña 1937 , la peça The hygiene of memory  It is developed through a video projection on the absis of the English language in an ambient fosc. On es veuen dues mans inserint a photograph of the mateixa esglishia dins de l'aigua in a baptismal basin. A vegada that the image is totally stigmatizing in the water, the sun of the bells of the English "intervene" and "distort" the image for a few seconds, repeating an altra vegada.

The hygiene of the memory  Establish the concept of the water as a central element of the work, followed by a liturgical or religious element, tenint with the church of Sant Martí de Solamal, or as the disappearance of the image, in the moment in which the vibration of the sun intervenes in such a way that it changes the atmosphere and the mateix temps, through the water it completely disintegrates it.

D'altra banda, s'al·ludeixen gestures that are part of everyday life, like the one of a believer at the moment of entering a church, plays l'aigua beneïda de la pica baptismal i es persina, or that of " rentar-se les mans "as a metaphor of desenteniment d'some esdeveniment, a gesture that I told a fortune  Biblical and historical.

Finalment, com diu el seu nom, The hygiene of memory  in dialogue it poses a series of concepts and images that revolve around the voltant de l'aigua, of hygiene "itself", in which it is used for representation, intervention and disappearance from the memory of a geographical area.

Special Agraïments: Carlota Miralbell, Manel Miralbell, Neus Riera, David Santaulària, Martí Pallejà, Ismael León, Carlos Alvarez i  Lucas Zaragueta.  

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To the Sant Martí de Solamal church dins the marc de la Bianyal 2018 (Vall de Bianya, Catalunya).

Photos: Carlota Miralbell

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-17 a les 22.
Captura de pantalla 2018-10-17 a les 22.