Bianya / Viaña  1937


27 photo transfers on paper  Hahnemüller

Hahnemüller paper on cardboard  plumb



Vall de Bianya - Barcelona.  

Bianya / Viaña 1937 started amb  a postcard that will go to Barcelona on February 2015. Postcard poster with the back cover written to llapis the following text: «Sant Salvador de Bianya 1937», under the «Bianya» posa l'aparent correcció de «Viaña».
It will be precisely this "correction" that will encourage you to start a documentation process that will lead you to investigate and relate the data (1937), the lloc (Sant Salvador de Bianya) and the territory (Girona). The investigation will lead to the deduction of the historical context: Spanish civil war, the canvi de llengua and l'oficialització del castellà as the official language of Spain and per tant, the canvi de nom de les ciutats i pobles de Catalunya. From Bianya to Viaña.
Follow the tracks of a postcard shared from the documentation to travel a large quantity of vegades to the town of Sant Salvador de Bianya from Barcelona with the postcard to me; In this way, the process of deterioration accelerated and the image that the postcard had disappeared.
Finally, I will decide to use the mateixa manipulative image in such a way that I arrived to lose all the information it contained, that is to say, fins that I arrived at the absolute blank.



Postcard Sant Salvador de Bianya. 1937. 20x15cm

Instal·lació  II of  Bianya / Viaña 1937.  Ra stre a la paret

"The Great Machine VI". Embarrat Festival 2017.