gifts, espai, treball, signature, politics

Instal·lació, photography

Whip, compta fils, fotografies d'arxiu
Zinc photographs of arxiu and 5 comptafils on a white crop surface
Whip: 80x20cm. 5 photos: 10x8cm each

gifts, space, work, signature, policy part of the realization of a list of dinou paraules a l'atzar that later will seek a person at the file of l ' Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) , but such to know the equivalence in image of each crib of paraules.
Later, after a selection, from dinou paraules there will be five, "gifts, espai, treball, signature, politics", those who are more interested not just because I told the paraula itself, but
  For the relationship arxiu-paraula-imatge that these five paraules finals are going to donate.
The result will be five photographs equivalent to these five people from different periods of the history of Catalonia and Europe that will accompany five comptafils, one on each photograph, showing a body gesture of some person of the five images.
Finally, just these five gestures are extreme and reproduced each one on a blank paper in the matte position that they have the original photo.
La peça dones, espai, treball, signature, politics keep the seu nom in Catalan because these are the exact parameters to be used for fencing in l'arxiu de l'IEFC and they are equivalent to a unique code that is equivalent to a series d ' Pictures of the quals that are just going to be left. Així mateix, this project consists of two fishes, the first, the list of the initial dinou paraules, the respective codes of research and the final five paraules that will remain in this list with the seva transcribed in codi; and finally the installation of the five photographs of Arxiu selected with five comptafils on them and the five gestural reproductions of each image.


Artnit Campos '17.