Papier und dye


Instal·lació, drawings, photography
Series of 5 drawings
  i 50 vinils
Taula de fusta contraxapada phenòlica, paper de cotó Hahnemuller i vinils
Drawings: 45x70cm. Taula: 1mx70. Vinils: 20x15cm
​​ Madrid, Lima

Papier und tinte, proposes a series of drawings of five covers and interior pages of the diaries La Vanguardia i Amauta from the years 1970 and 1992, and the documentation of the public installation of each cuna of the Lima portals kiosks during 2019.
La peça deu el seu nom a an article, which is a conversation between Sigmund Freud and Jacques Derrida dins el
  llibre "Mal d'arxiu.  Una impressió Freudiana ”(1995), on Derrida presents i analysis breument les paraules“ Eindruck, druck, drücken "(printed, print,  premsa). Reflecting  on mass production of newspapers, reproducibility through temps and  the press through modern history.
Sota this premise, after a process of documentation and research in the arxius of the newspaper La Vanguardia a Barcelona and the National Library of Lima, will begin to analyze the way to "maintain" and "conserve" the different types of diaries, such as the thing is
  they will be arxivats. Doncs així, vaig discover that according to them  news  that s'announce i  quan importants or crucial havia sigut aquell  isdeveniment during those times,  They are arxivades differently.  

D'aquesta form, the project is going formant from d'aquesta reflected from the  "Hierarchy of history", of the historical events, as an organization and classifies the history of a territory in the file of a newspaper.
In this way, appealing to the importance of the one who represents and the development of the history and the news above in the form of a newspaper, a press or communication mitjans, will decide to triage five covers and pages Interiors of l'arxiu de diaris and reproduce-me every date with ink techniques and mixed techniques (smear, phototransfer). For a series of five diaris fets to me respect the size of the original document. Both the idea of juxtaposing and confronting the idea of mass production of news and information, printed it, distributed it, is the "technological reproducibility".
Així, Papier und tinte proposes, as it is going to be stated above, a series of 5 drawings of portals / interiors, which afterwards will be finished and will be installed in the botigues of diaris dels carrers de Lima. In public Spain they will register the covers / interiors of the project during the day on which it is to be exhibited, on it is documenting the reactions of the people about the fish.